Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh Canada

My daughter who blogs under the name Goodnight,Mom, is currently in Canada. In her recent post, she began to "sing" Canada's anthem. What a song! If you are a hockey fan, I am sure you have heard it. When a US Team plays a Canadian team, the anthems are sung before the game. Canadians lustily sing one of the true great national anthems. Then the Star Spangled Banner is played. Americans awkwardly attempt to muddle through, wondering what they are going to do when they get to that high part: ...and the laaaaaannnndddd of the FREEEE!!! Rather than risk embarassment, they don't bother. Other good anthems are from Britain, France, Germany and the former Soviet Union.

Can't we do something about this? I don't think it is a lack of patriotism that causes those in the stands to sip their Bud Lite rather than try to croak out that 18th century drinking song. Sir Francis Scott Key loved the tune. But he forgot that you had to be completely wasted to sing it!

So let's steal the Canadian anthem. They'd probably be complimented. I can hear it now. Thousands of hearty american voices joyfully and melodiously singing: "OH, U..S..A... we love our native land... OH, U..S..A, we sing that you are grand..."
OK. So maybe the lyrics aren't so great. But at least the tune doesn't have a high, freaking G in it!!


Laura's Husband said...

Having been born and raised in Michigan I'm quite familiar with the Canadian National Anthem, eh?

I think it's a great song!

While the tune is the same whether you sing it in English or French the lyrics are very different.

The original lyrics were written in French and the english lyrics are not a translation...interesting, eh?

Dad 2 eight said...

Yes. That is interesting. I don't remember ever hearing it in French. Of course, Canada's situation is a pre cursor to ours. Let's do you translate "OH Say Can You See" into espanol?

Vicki G. said...

Isn't it Jose can you see?? :)