Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No More Maher

I have never been a fan of Bill Maher. On the few occasions I have seen him, I do not see how the words comedian and Maher can appear in the same sentence. My daughter, however, loves him. It just may be a generational thing.

Nevertheless, today I heard some of the excerpts of his program of yesterday where he maligns the Pope, the priesthood and the Catholic Church. He called him a "Nazi who wears funny hats." Priests are pedophiles and the Catholic Church is no different than the Mormon cult in Texas.

Don Imus was S$%#canned for saying much less than Maher. The black community saw to that. ( And not unjustifiably.) So where will 30 million Roman Catholics be on this matter? Or were millions of them watching and perhaps thinking the tirade was amusing.

Well this one papist in North Carolina is "Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore." I am commencing a one man RC Jihad. I am never going to let insults against the church slip by without some sort of action: the least of which will be an email or a letter flying from my computer. If there is lethargy in the remaining 29,999,999 American Catholics, than so be it. We deserve what we will get.


Laura said...

I don't care for him either. I don't think he's intelligent,funny, or clever.

Flession said...

I used to like him...back in my Demi days, but like many things, I've grown older and more mature.

I sent a protest letter and signed a petition.

And I do disagree with you about Imus. I wouldn't wish what happened to him on my worst enemy. That whole thing was just crap from the get-go. When Al Sharpton gets involved, you know the whole thing stinks of racism...and it's usually from his side.

He didn't deserve such treatment...and Imus is a liberal!

Maybe Maher should have said "black" somewhere along that entire statement in any sort of context whatsoever. Then maybe we'd have more help.

Anyways, there was a formal apology from him, but I'm sure he may have lost some viewers...

Flession said...

I stand corrected. His response was:

“Ok, you got me, the Pope was not a Nazi.” but that “distracts from my main point, which was that the Pope should be thrown in jail."

So I retract my final statement.

Here's a interesting article on the subject.