Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cycling with Grace

For forty years, (weren't the Jews in the desert that long?) I wanted a motorcycle. But St. Eva the Good wasn't buying it, literally or figuratively. And so I waited and suffered through my own desert experience. Finally, when the last of the eight children reached 18, my wife relented. "If you wrap yourself around a tree, at least I won't have all those kids to raise by myself," said St. Eva the Good. She's always so sensitive to my feelings.

So a few years ago, I got a Honda VTX1100 Shadow Sabre and riding is as wonderful as I imagined it would be. It is my alone time. And now, the fragrances of Spring are everywhere and the experience is definitely contemplative.

Last Saturday, another Dozier has joined the group, which we are calling Purgatory's Angels. JJ bought a Honda VTX1300, with special pipes that can awaken the dead. He has named his bike: Grace. Since his garage is too crowded to accommodate his new girlfriend, I have graciously obliged him a space in mine. And I must tell you, Grace is, indeed, a thing of beauty. Those Harleyesque pipes give me such an adolescent thrill and the lower center of gravity of his 1300 makes the riding experience even more glorious.

The time will come when his garage will be cleared and Grace will leave me for another. However, until that unhappy day...It's just you and me, Gracie, just you and me!!!

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Laura said...

My mother's rule was that you COULD own a motorcycle, but you would have to live somewhere else.
(I think she brought up a "tree" when explaining the many reasons why no one was allowed to have one.) Party on...Doziers...