Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, America. BO has a present for you.

Today is my 67th birthday and I cannot really believe it. When my Dad died in October, he was 93. I was reflecting on the changes he experienced from 1915 until 2008. Woodrow Wilson to "W" Bush. I am happy that he was spared BO. Unfortunately, we will not.

If BO has his way and the printing presses run off another trillion dollars or so of monopoly money, we will wind up just like Zimbabwe. They just announced that they will issue a new Zimbabwe "dollar" that has 13 zeros "removed." They ran out of room on the paper currency for all those pesky "0's." By the way, 50 billion Zimbabwe dollars buy one loaf of bread. That's what happens when governments are allowed to play monopoly with the money supply.

To be really fair, all of the blame for the debacle to come cannot be blamed on BO, it is just the historical fact that he will be at the helm of the USA Titanic when it strikes the iceberg. And we know that the Captain is always at fault.

When I was at Norfolk Academy in the 70's, we had a Board member who was a very savvy guy. He told me to never trust banks and the government to take care of the money supply. Now this guy was a banker..and he therefore really knew what he was talking about. He told me that he always had 25% of his assets in hard money (READ: GOLD)

"Don't invest all of your eggs in the dollar denominated system basket," he advised, "because historically, "fiat" currencies will fail. It is just a matter of pinpointing the when." And the "when" officially began at the time Nixon separated the dollar from any tie to gold. The currency's fate was sealed. "Fiat" is a Latin phrase which means ..."let it be done." And when government runs the presses, that is just what happens. Economic activity doesn't create the $$, but, it is the will of political parties who say "poof ...let it be done"....and it is done. That is why the dollar is doomed.

Acctually, Bernie Madoff hasn't done any thievery greater than what the government does by creating hyper inflation through the printing of fiat currency. They rob the thrifty..they steal from the poor schmuck who trusted in their treachery and tried to save and invest. The one who has all of his eggs in the government currency basket is the loser. The one who says, "to Hell with the system," and buys a little gold as long as someone will take his paper dollars in the exchange, he is the winner.

A few years ago, it took 40 ounces of gold to buy the DOW. Today, it only takes around 10. Will it come to a point that it may only take just one ounce?.... You know where my bets are.

Happy Birthday, America

Monday, January 26, 2009


So we throw another trillion dollars that we don't have into the economic fray. This is President BO's recommendation. The current deficit already is astronomical. Has it cured the recession? Here is the dirty little secret. It is not about economic recovery. It is about consolidation of economic and political power in the hands of a Democratic regime. Following the political strategy of his hero, Sol Alinsky, President BO is quickly changing the landscape of America while Americans, unfortunately even some of my own children, bask in President BO's messianic emanations.

Already several executive orders have been issued that threaten our security and imperil the lives of more unborn babies. To me, President BO is hitlerian in his support of a world -wide Holocaust. And BO has his own Goebbels...Pelosi. Yes, as this ardent Catholic announced, the "stimulus" package" has a few billion in it for "contraceptive family planning" services. So Planned Parenthood gets a bailout.

I once read a report that at the Washington headquarters of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, BO campaign stickers far outnumbered those supporting the pro-life Republican side. It's not like they didn't know his intentions. BO made no secret of his plans. And now barring miraculous intervention or a change of BO's heart (for which I pray daily), no unborn child will be safe in the Socialist States of America or in the world, for that matter.

As I was telling one of my children who is so enwrapped in BO euphoria, there is only ONE issue, and that is LIFE. Stimulus..economics..taxes..socialism, though important, are side issues. The fight is on for LIFE... a battle that must be waged by those who treasure it against this unapologetic purveyor of the CULTURE OF DEATH.

Friday, January 2, 2009


O Mary, this day
pray Jesus be born in me,
as was borne in you.

Thanks to the generosity of Ray and Suzanne Sinclair, St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Catholic Chapel has moved out of the Carolina room at 11 Chatham Lane and found a new home. The Sinclairs had a 1700 square foot office space that had been vacant for several months and is making it available to St. Michael's. They belong to the Orthodox Church of America and travel all the way to Raleigh to attend the Divine Liturgy. They may be joining us for typica services.

Fr. Deacon Daniel (Gordon) Karen and I spent the better part of Wednesday and New Year's Day getting the chapel set up. The iconostasis, altar, chairs, icons etc were all moved to the new space. Fr. Mark Shuey, our pastor from St. Nicholas in Raleigh, came down yesterday to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. The space once occupied by a martial arts studio was now filled with incense and the Holy Divine Presence of the Lord Himself.

We are praying that Fr. Deacon's bishop will ordain him to the priesthood soon. This would allow us to have the fullness of the Divine Liturgy and probably would encourage eastern and orthodox Christians in our area to begin attending. Who knows what God has planned. Our only goal is to pray each day to be in the center of what He wants to do here in the Sandhills.

Christ is born. Glorify Him!