Friday, July 18, 2008

St. Eva's Family Update

Eva does not have a blog yet, but this is an update she sent to her email list about the Dozier family:

I am not a "blogger" Guess I will have to get with the times. In the mean time I will continue with my "Dozier Updates."

Let's start with Dyda. He continues his recovery at St. Joseph's skilled facility. His days are up and down. We never know if he is going to be cracking jokes or just in too deep a sleep to disturb but we take one day at a time. What a treasure he is to us.

Gordon and I are venturing into a new phase of our life. Retirement continues for him ( of course with his great side jobs: at the church and charge of household management aka: chief cook, bottle washer and toilet ministry. I continue my four day a week job in Infection Control. What is changing for us is that we are moving into a senior community. We have bought a smaller ( only 1800 sq. feet) home in an area called Village by the Lake. Angel says it looks like one of those resort homes we have stayed in through our timeshare and she says that it will feel as though we are always on vacation. Good thought when I can finally retire. Here is the link to view our new residence:
Remax of Southern Pines listing go to the far right hand side of page and enter this mls #129253

Gordie was recently ordained a Deacon in the Eastern Rite Catholic Church. He will be starting a Parish here hopefully soon. He continues to be the International Management Trainer for Hartford Life with trips to Japan and Dublin. Karen will begin teaching this year at our Catholic School. She will bring so many of her gifts and talents to those kids. Katie is going there again and Alex and Daniel will continue home schooling. Daniel should be getting his Eagle Scout this year.

Kristi, Jon, Jack and Eva in Dallas. Kristi has a great job with the Dallas YMCA, event planning/funding raising, her specialty. Jon continues with American Airlines having recently accepted a new position there. Eva will hopefully soon be going to MD Anderson in Houston for a second opinion concerning the tumor found on the left side of her chest. It has been determined to be part of the original tumor removed in March but is growing. Please keep those prayers going.

Jay has recently applied to get his own Chik-fil-A store. He also will finish his Masters next month. JJ Jr. has been here all summer and it has been great to spend time with him. Look forward to seeing Jacob soon. Boo, Jay's fiance, is working, I think at last count 3 jobs, and going to UNC-G. What a ball of energy. Wish I could bottle it.

Angel and Graham have done a great job on their new house. (the back yard looks like the ninth hole at the Country Club). The three little ones keep Angel on the run, camps, swim teams and play dates, etc.. She also is managing the Storage Units for the Gulleys in her "spare time".

Ben will continue with his college in the field of nursing. He got accepted into that program. He misses his beautiful daughter, Loralei, talking to her every day.

Nathaniel and Vanessa will be getting married on August 16, 2008. We are looking forward to this event. It will be a small garden wedding at the Marriott in Greensboro. Wish you all could join us but they were only able to invite 40 people. Keep them in your prayers. If you would like to send them a note of congratulations here is Nathaniel's e-mail address :

JPD will be going back to UNC Asheville in a couple of weeks. He has been managing the day camp at Sandhills Sports Center and the kids love him. Rebecca, his special friend, is house sitting here this summer and working again at Chik-fil-A.

Mary has spent the summer traveling and working seven days a week. She will continue at UNC-Greensboro until January when she will be joining the Air Force. Before going in she has a trip to Las Vegas and Hawaii planned before Christmas.

Keep us all in your prayers as we do you.
Love ya,


Laura said...

St. Eva is great at describing the family goings-on. I wish more people did this mid-year instead of at Christmas when it is overload.
What a successful, busy family you have.
I pray for little Eva all the time.

Vicki G. said...

Congratulations on the new home. May you have many wonderful, peaceful, and enjoyable years there.