Friday, January 2, 2009


O Mary, this day
pray Jesus be born in me,
as was borne in you.

Thanks to the generosity of Ray and Suzanne Sinclair, St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Catholic Chapel has moved out of the Carolina room at 11 Chatham Lane and found a new home. The Sinclairs had a 1700 square foot office space that had been vacant for several months and is making it available to St. Michael's. They belong to the Orthodox Church of America and travel all the way to Raleigh to attend the Divine Liturgy. They may be joining us for typica services.

Fr. Deacon Daniel (Gordon) Karen and I spent the better part of Wednesday and New Year's Day getting the chapel set up. The iconostasis, altar, chairs, icons etc were all moved to the new space. Fr. Mark Shuey, our pastor from St. Nicholas in Raleigh, came down yesterday to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. The space once occupied by a martial arts studio was now filled with incense and the Holy Divine Presence of the Lord Himself.

We are praying that Fr. Deacon's bishop will ordain him to the priesthood soon. This would allow us to have the fullness of the Divine Liturgy and probably would encourage eastern and orthodox Christians in our area to begin attending. Who knows what God has planned. Our only goal is to pray each day to be in the center of what He wants to do here in the Sandhills.

Christ is born. Glorify Him!

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Laura said...

Nice to check in on the proud papa.