Thursday, October 2, 2008

Total Money Makeover

His name is Dave Ramsey. I discovered him two months ago while I was surfing my XM talk radio channels. His message is simple: Live debt free, and then you can truly live. That means no credit credit car payments... ultimately no mortgage payments. Sounds preposterous and un-American, but I am a new believer.

I was so impressed, I went to his web site and bought 7 sets of his books and CD's for my 8 children. ( One of my daughters is already married to a Dave Ramsey.) Had I known of this guy 30 years ago, my life now would be a great deal different. Although I don't have a large amount of debt, what I do have, is going to go. I am following his plan of Total Money Makover. Two accounts got paid off yesterday and the plastic cut into small pieces. I went to WalMart and got a small accordion file into which I put cash for the week: A portion each for gas, food and spending. In other words I am doing what my very thrifty, Great Depression suvivor Mother did for more than 60 years. My,how things come around.

If you try his plan, you'll be "living like no one else, so that you can live like no one else." (Another one of his phrases.) I'm driving my kids crazy. I am like a former smoker, a reformed alcoholic, like someone "born again." Go to his web site. Listen to him on your radio. See for yourself.

On his show, people call in with their testimonies of how they have become debt free. The stories are varied but all very exciting. Then Dave asks the caller to get the family on the phone, to count down and yell as one: "WE'RE DEBT FREEEE!!!"
In the background, Dave plays the famous scream of Mel Gibson in Brave Heart: FREEEEEDOM!! Applause sounds and the music celebrates the joy of the formerly debt enslaved family. And so, I am on the program. I am committed. I am anticipating the day when I can yell the same and hear Mel's cry of victory: FREEEEDOM!!!!


Vicki G. said...

I love Dave Ramsey and have been a fan for a few years. I bought his book Financial Peace back before he had his radio show. We still have the mortgage and cars to pay off but no credit card debt, so that's a start.

When I hear those people scream "We're debt free!" I get emotional! :) What a great feeling. I will try to steer my kids in that direction too. Peace - Priceless.

Flession said...

Looking forward to listening.