Monday, March 10, 2008

10,000 BC-a review

I did it again. Two movies in one month. And during Lent, mind you. ( Well, Sunday is not considered Lent.. but still..) My daughter Mary B was in town and with Ben and some of his Buds, I went to see 10,000 BC. Save your money, folks. BC stands for "Be Careful" or "Beware, Chump." Even if you can get a cheap, old person, reduced price ticket like I get, it's too painful to watch. Great computer graphics, I admit, but that can't sustain you for 1:45 minutes. The acting is so bad that it is laughable. Well, let's just say I would have probably felt better watching an afternoon episode of Oprah. Why do I think that a movie of this genre is going to be any less wretched than all of the rest I have seen that totally rely on graphics? OK. I've really learned this time. From now on it is just me, Turner Classic Movie Channel and a micro waveable 3.5 oz bag of Orville Reddenbacher.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the review; I'd wondered about that one. I'm with you on the TCM, and popcorn! Much safer, better fare!

Gordo said...


Could not agree more. The boys and I suffered through it on Sunday.

B.C. also stands for...

"Bring Caffine"

"Blubbering Cavemen"

"Bordering Catatonic"

"Bad Casting"

"Blundering Cast"

Wish that I had missed it...


Laura said...

I just suffered through "Be Kind Rewind." A hangnail operation would have held my interest more.
Thanks for the review- I was going to see it...but now I will re-arrange my sock drawer.